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DR. C. Boes

Private Face to Face and Online Chemistry Tutor for A-Level and University

Being a very experienced Tutor with a Masters Degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Biochemistry, I offer private Chemistry tuition at your home.

I live in Thornby, between Leicester and Northampton, near Market Harborough. As one of your friendly, local chemistry tutors, I serve the Leicester- and Northamptonshire area. My maximum driving distance is 30 min, which includes Rugby, Lutterworth, Daventry, Kettering, Northampton and Leicester. Furthermore one-to-one online tuition is offered to any location in the world.

I have successfully tutored over a hundred A-level students in the past fifteen years. In addition I have also helped both graduate and undergraduate students at university. Based on a thorough assessment a tutoring plan is developed, to fill in knowledge gaps and build a solid foundation.

My ability to explain difficult topics in a simple way makes learning easy and strengthens pupil confidence. By taking examples from daily life tuition becomes an interesting and enjoyable experience. Tuition is provided in the comfort of your home, by a professional tutor, creating a positive and supportive environment.

Please contact my references and look at testimonials from previous students.

“I did not know chemistry was so easy“.  Peter, medical student.

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Dr. C. Boes
PhD Biochemistry




I am already nearly fully booked and currently have only one online tuition slot left.

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