from Students and Parents


“Thank you so much for your help this year. My understanding has improved immensely and my confidence has also greatly benefited. I can now enjoy chemistry without the confusion and stress, even the exams have become enjoyable!”

Gabrielle Christie

“I achieved A* in my A-Level Chemistry exam! Dr Boes is excellent at explaining topics and his Flashcards have saved me from having to flick through all the pages of the heavy OCR textbook. I was able to answer difficult questions such as finishing unfamiliar mechanisms which I never saw before in the exam as we had done similar questions in our lessons! I am very grateful to Dr Boes, it wouldn’t be possible without him!”

James Ong

“Just to let you know I have just passed my first year of medicine and am going into my second year in a month. I would like to thank you immensely for helping me with my Chemistry, you are an incredible tutor and I undoubtedly would not be on my way to become a doctor if it were not for you. So thank you infinitely again, I will always appreciate it.”

Oliver Kumar

You are truly a gifted tutor/teacher and your methods of teaching with flash cards and past papers really do bring the best out of your students. Over the year we witnessed first hand the effect of your lessons and we can whole heartedly say, contacting you was one of the best decisions we ever made.”

Firas Al-Hamed

I got AAA! It would have been completely impossible without you. There aren’t actually words to thank you enough for the knowledge, advice and confidence you’ve given me in chemistry”

Grace Leong

“I wanted to thank you for all the support you have given Edward this year. You have hugely boosted Edwards confidence and understanding of chemistry, thus enabling a much more positive experience at school for him. He always comes away from your lesson smiling and we feel very lucky to have found you.”

Yenny, parent

“I can’t thank you enough for the tuition you gave to me  – it was invaluable.”

Lydia Dewis

I got my GAMSAT results the other day and scored an average of 63 (which is in the top 15% of the country)!! Thanks so much for your help” 

Roshan Sing Rupra


Gaby Christie: gschristie95@yahoo.com

improved from C to A in her AS retakes

Lydia Dewis: lydiadewis@googlemail.com

received an A in her A-level exam

Amandeep Kang: akkang@hotmail.co.uk

received an A in her A-level exam

Grace Leong: grace.leong@live.co.uk

received an A in her A-levels to study veterinary medicine

Roshan Rupra: rrupra@hotmail.co.uk

passed GAMSAT exam in the top 15 %

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